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Our school, established in“1883”,is not only the first commercial vocational high school of İstanbul, major city which spans two continents,but also Turkey. With its this characteristic, it is located on the historical peninsula of the city called Sultanahmet which is known as “the heart of İstanbul".
Sultanahmet is the center of historic and tourist attractions having a great cultural heritage closely related to the history of Europe too. Our region holds a significant place in this respect with“Hagia Sophia”(UNESCO World Heritage Site from 1985), the 1500 year old holy monument for Orthodox Christianity and Muslims.
So population of domestic and foreign tourists is always high in our region. It tends to recieve internal immigrants from eastern part of Turkey who work in tourism industry.
Since our school is among of the exclusive ones which are over 100 years old, it has great experiences on education and academic knowledge.We have student stumps dating back to Ottoman Empire period.This makes our school quitely qualified. There are 520 students who are chosen according to their success levels of a National exam being made after primary education.The school gives a 4 year education with its 16 classes. All the students at 4th grade have been taughted in the school for 2 days and for the other 3 days they have been taking course of trainings in the companies. “The ICT ” and “ The Accountancy - Finance ” are the departments which give the education in the school. The lessons of the ICT Department : It s based on Computer Programming. Graphic Design, Web Design, Programming, Advanced Internet Applications, Technical Foreign Language, Database Management The lessons of Accountancy and Finance Department : Its based on Computer-aided Accountancy, Microsoft Office, Economy, Enterprise, Commercial Mathematics, Business Enterprise, Accountancy, Marketing, Law.



Istanbul, a fascinating city built on two Continents, divided by the Bosphorus Strait. This is one of the greatest cities in the world where you can see a modern western city combined with a traditional eastern city, it's a melting pot of many civilizations and different people. Istanbul was also announced by the European Union as the 2010 European Capital of Culture.
In the past known as Constantinople today Istanbul with its 15 million people is the biggest Turkish city; it was also the Capital of the Ottoman Empire until 1923.
It is now a huge metropolis connecting cultures, continents, religions and being home to twelve million people. Thanks to its atypical geographic position the city is located in the north-west MARMARA which made it the only city in the world which is on two continents. The western position is in Europe while the eastern portion is in Asia and makes Istanbul an amazing cultural place of meeting.
The city of Istanbul has growth to be the principal economic pole of the country which confirm it competence in exchanging. This growth has also bring to Istanbul a modern an dense net of transportation which give the city lot of facilities to come or even to move in town. Thanks to its two international airports Istanbul is now reachable from the entire world.
Furthermore the city of Istanbul is a fantastic place to visit famous monuments which are split into the three main district of the city: the historic peninsula, the areas north of the Golden Horn, and the Asian side are parts of it exceptional itsitage from it different empires. The church ‘Hagia Sophia’, ‘the blue mosque’, ‘the palate of Dolmabahçe’, ‘the mosque of Soliman the Magnificent’,’ Valens Aqueduct’, ’The Hippodrome of Constantinople’, ‘The Walls of Constantinople’ and much more are very important tourist places and also strong symbols of Istanbul Identity.

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