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“Marin Sorescu” High School of Arts has played an important role in the artistic education of the city since 1967. It is in this institution that more than 750 students develop their creative spirit, form their personality, making the most of their native gift, so that their names should become artistic icons to be followed.

It was appointed the “European School” award in 2005 owing its fame to an impressive staff of almost 200 dedicated teachers and to a rich pedagogical tradition earned in 50 years of existence.

The assets of the school correspond to its didactic activity unfolded within a Vocational Art High School and comprise 20 classrooms, 9 workshops for painting and sculpture, 26 specialized rooms for instrumental music, musical theory and sol-fa, a science lab, a History of Art lab, one library, an European Integration Hall, an Audition Hall, classrooms for Primary School education, a computer court, a multimedia room, a Gym, an open-air basketball and volleyball court, a surgery, a psychological assistance room and a kindergarten.

In 1984 the High School added a Concert Hall seating 250 with particularly good acoustics according to the latest european standards.

The school graduates can go for an entrance examination at a Higher artistic education or engage the knowledge gained in any other institutions where their training is necessary.

School activity is completed by extra school activities through volunteering partnerships within the National Volunteering Week, career counselling among the graduates- “Career Focus”, promoting and developing language skills using the latest technological tools – “English Profile”, “The European Day of Languages”. Our schools is also proud to promote and support the activity of two of the most gifted artists who have been awarded this year “Little Ambassadors of European Culture”, Radu Adrian and Radu Ionescu

Besides the intense school and cultural contribution, our High School has been involved in the competition of “Craiova-European Cultural Capital award – 2021 “through activities that were highly broadcasted: exhibitions, concerts, videos. 

“Marin Sorescu” High School of Arts has also been actively involved in partnerships with local institutions of culture such as the Philharmonic, the Opera House, “Theodor and Aristia Aman ”County Library, “Traian Demetrescu” Cultural Club.

The music department comprises 8 classes- for Primary School, 7 classes for Secondary School and 4 classes for High School totalizing 19 instrumental music, vocal performance and musical theory classes.

The Fine Arts department comprises 4 classes for Secondary education and 8 classes for high school specializing in easel painting, monumental painting , graphics, ceramics , design and sculpture.

It is true that we have 3 computer labs provided with 40 computers but only 20 are functional which somehow restricts the use of technological mean). Yet, a series of projects aimed at attracting financial support for developing the technological assets of the schools are being unfolded and let’s hope the situation will soon change. Meanwhile we substitute with great enthusiasm and diligence and look forward to European cooperation as a chance of integration and sharing multinational experience. Nevertheless, the students have accessed the e- twinning platform since 2010 due to their language and computer science teachers. Thus a series of artistic projects have been unfolded "Seasons in My Region", "PF-Petit Format", "pARTners", "National Stories illustrated", "European countries", "Citizens of Europe". A few school teachers took part in the seminars organized on the platform "Exploiting Web 2.0 – e-Twinning and collaboration", "Crossing Curricular Boundaries", "Communication in e-Twinning aimed at acquiring new web 2.0 web instruments, developing planning in communication methods and establishing the correct aims of a project, developing cross-curricular projects and implementing them. The platform acted as a communication medium, searching for trustworthy partners for potential multinational projects-within KA2. The platform will be used as a communication instrument for the dissemination of project results by posting films, courses that could be useful for our teachers or other e–twinning users.

Our teachers have also been involved in training courses that aimed at developing their technological skills proving interest in using the latest technological methods of teaching: Comenius - individual continuing training Beneficiary: Mirea Ileana Dora;Location: Ipswich, United Kingdom ;Title: Using Technology for Teaching English;Period: 16 to 24 June 2012 Reference no:COM-12-89-CL-UK, 121/12.04.2012;Grundtvig mobility continuing training;Beneficiary: Voicila Cosmin Theodor;Location: Malta;Title: Empowerment in ICT skills: making use of media and communication technology tools;Period: 9.04-13.04.2012;Reference no:GRU-11-MOF-358-DJ-MT; Comenius mobility continuing training; Beneficiary: Voicila COSMIN THEODOR;Location: Wiener Neaustadt, Austria;Title: Multimedia presentation based ;Period: 29.08 - 3.09.2011Reference no: COM-11-148-CG-ATComenius mobility continuing training Beneficiary: Grecu Daniela;Location: Katerini, Greece; Title:Moodle at school;Period: 20-26.03.2011;Reference no: COM-10-2043-CG-GR; Comenius training course; Beneficiary: Boldisor Ileana Mihaela; Location: Roma, Italy; Title: EURODIDAWEB-Pedagogical use of internet and multimedia tools; Period:18- 22.03.2011;Reference no: COM-12-2362-CG-IT;Comenius mobility;Beneficiary: Ciuca Alina Mihaela;Location: Roma, Italy;Title: EURODIDAWEB - Pedagogical use of internet and multimedia tools Period:2 - 6.05.2011;Reference no: COM-11-1271-CG-IT

“Marin Sorescu” High School of Arts is the institution where music and fine arts bring you closer to an infinite beauty beyond this world, where you can become more compassionate, more human, more gentleness.

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The Fine Arts department comprises 4 classes for Secondary education and 8 classes for high school specializing in easel painting, monumental painting , graphics, ceramics , design and sculpture.





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