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Guide for the use of the site Connected Classrooms





Besides the administrator, who has the control of the website, users can have three different roles:

  1. teacher

  2. student

  3. guest


this guide is for the user teacher.

The user student has less privileges, in particular he/she can't manage contents with reference to Ideas and State of the work, he/she can put in content for Meetings  and News and can add comments where possible.



  1. Adding content
  2. Modify/delete content
  3. Use of the Gallery
  4. Partners
  5. How to put in content.
    1. The fields "Title, Country and Project".
    2. The field Body
    3. The field Photos
    4. The field Documents
    5. The field Videos

  1. Adding content

Adding content to:

  • Ideas
  • State of the works


using the menu Project



  1. Modify/delete content


It is possible to modify and delete content in:

  • Ideas
  • State of the works


    steps to follow:


  • visualize the Gallery


  • Select content:


  • Use the command button Edit



  • In editing mode it is possible to delete content with the command button delete:



With the same procedure it is possible to add, modify and delete content in:

  • Meetings

  • News


  1. Use of the Gallery

The gallery is divided in four main contents:



In the gallery it is possible to visualize:


  • All contents

  • The contents of a single country for all projects

  • The contents of a project for all the countries

  • The contents of a single country for one project


These combinations can be obtained combining various filters:

As shown in the figure below the number that appears at the bottom indicates the amount of comments that have been added to content


  1. Partners

Through a google map it will be possible to see the locations of the partner schools. By clicking on a location marker you will open a tooltip showing essential information and two links:


  • website: opens the school website
  • info:   opens a static page containing a description of the school made for the erasmus+ project


  1. How to put in content


  1. The fields "Title, Country and Project"

As an example it is shown how to edit content in the content Ideas, the same procedure is followed in the other contents.


The following fields are mandatory:


Particular attention must be paid when filling the fields Country and Project because the filters of the gallery are based on such entries.


  1. The field "Body"

The use of the field Body is very important, it is possible to insert and format text using the available tools.


  • It is possible to insert HTML code (i.e.<embed> code) using the command button Source.
  • The teachers must pay particular attention when doing this operation because they can insert any HTML tag (Full HTML), this could cause unexpected malfunctioning, up to the block of the site, in case the inserted code is corrupted.
  • In this field it is not allowed to insert images.



  1. The field "Photos"


Here it is possible to upload an unlimited number of images, they will be shown as an image gallery easy to explore.

Images can be uploaded with the following steps:

  • Choose file from your computer (files must be less than 64 MB)
  • Upload



Here you can see, on the left the uploading of 4 images and on the right the gallery visualization of content.




  1. The field "Documents"

With the same procedure followed for images, it is possible to upload an unlimited number of PDF documents.

  • In this case it is advisable to add a short description for each document in the specific area indicated by the arrow, users will see the file description and not its name.
  • It is not possible to upload other file formats such as doc, docx or others, but only PDF (this is necessary to make the files available to anyone on any type of device).


  1. The field "Video"

As for images and files, it is possible to embed  an unlimited number of videos previously uploaded on YouTube.

  • Use the field "Video URL"  to insert the YouTube link, here's an example:


  • Use the field "Description" to add an essential description of the video.



How to use the slideshow blocks


How to manage comments


How to use CKEditor


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