Final Meeting 

    8- 12 May 2016




Here you can follow the work cycle of the project and view and download the documents produced during the planning and implementation of each of the outcomes. If you are an anonymous visitor you can view some contents and comments and send contact information. Through the "User Menu" you can request the login credentials for authorization as a teacher, student or guest.


The project "Connected Classrooms" is aimed at the establishment of a network of partner schools to help students and educators connect, collaborate, create and share.

Together we intend to develop the so called 21st century skills which are essential for work and life in a continuously changing and unpredictable world.
We aim at giving our students an interdisciplinary experience which stops dividing the curriculum into single-subject boxes and makes the learning experience more similar to a real world situation with problems to solve and new ideas to bring to life.

We think that breaking down the classroom walls, opening to international collaboration and finding activities which are real, relevant and engaging is a good way to create a collaborative culture for staff and students, enhance the students learning potential, build strong relationships, improve motivation and reduce early school leaving as well as give opportunity to students and teachers to experience different cultures and develop a real sense of belonging to the European community.